10+ million Thais across the country accessible for your market research needs
Easy access to anyone, anytime, anywhere

We can target panelists based on a variety of selection criteria including socio-demographic data, personal interests and product affinity.

The superior size of our panel enables us to deliver every type of survey respondent from the easiest to the hardest-to-reach consumer audiences.

The Marketbuzzz team has the required sampling expertise and is available to work with you to develop the "right" sampling plan to match the specific objectives of each project.

Panels & Communities

Speciality Panels and Communities

If you require a specific target groups with very specific characteristics, we can help you.

Marketbuzzz has experience accessing those hard-to-reach groups. The size of our panel allows us to find those low incidence groups for you.

Custom Panels and Communities

Upon request we can build and customize a panel for your use. Marketbuzzz is building proprietary panels either for research suppliers or research buyers already.

If your company already works with personal information (phones, e-mails, etc.) or you already have communication channels such as CRM, we can help you maintain your own exclusive online panel! It will give voice to your consumers and provide the necessary feedback for the business decisions of your company.

You want
the best quality results
from the best quality panels

Marketbuzzz gives you the most consistent mobile panel
and the most dependable results

Panel Quality

Delivering on quality is our main focus. That is why at Marketbuzzz we work according to the highest possible quality standards.

Not everyone wants to be on a panel for market research this is why our unique way of integrating market research activities with a consumer market place, and rewarded in appropriate ways makes it an attractive way for our panelists.

Our panels are constructed and constantly refreshed with more than 800,000 unique visitors every month, and in addition has a steady flow of new recruits that boosts our ever-growing panel.

In addition, Marketbuzzz complies with the
ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research ©

Contact us and we will tell you more how our panels and our quality expectations